Cold Foil Printing

November 10, 2022

Cold foil printing is a unique printing technique that adds a metallic effect  to enhance the appearance of the printed material. This document is a comprehensive guide to help you understand cold foil printing, how it works, and its application areas

The Basics of Cold Foil

“Cold foil printing is a process that applies metallic foil to substrate without using heat.”

Cold foil printing deposits a thin layer of metallic foil on the printed substrate, enhancing its appearance and creating a luxurious feel.

How Does Cold Foil Work?

What is Cold Foil?

Cold foil is a roll of thin metallic foil that is adhered to paper, plastic, and other substrates using a printing plate.

Printing Process

The foil is pressed onto the substrate using heat, pressure, and an adhesive. The areas not covered by the adhesive remain unprinted, creating a foil-like effect.

Additional Coating

The cold foil areas on the substrate can also be coated with UV varnish to add depth and shine.

Why Choose Cold Foil?

  • Cold foil printing offers a range of economical and environmental benefits.
  • Cold foil printing requires less material, energy and results in less waste than hot foil stamping.
  • Lower overall production costs aid unlocking a variety of creative solutions.
  • Cold foil printing offers high reflectivity, color saturation, and maximum light diffusion attributes that produce a lively visual effect.
  • The ease of coil transfer allows for high quantities of foil to be transferred onto the substrate.

Application Areas of Cold Foil Printing

Packaging Industries

Cold foil printing is commonly used in packaging designs such as food, beverage, and cosmetic industries, and with pharmaceutical companies.

Promotional Materials

The eye-catching reflective properties of cold foil lend themselves well to creating memorable and marketable promotional materials, such as posters, flyers, gift cards, and brochures.

Security Printing

Cold foil printing is perfect for printing banknotes, gift cards, and other security-sensitive materials thanks to its ability to produce high-quality, secure printing solutions.

Future of Cold Foil Printing

Cold foil printing technology continuously evolves and now offers a range of creative possibilities. The future of cold foil printing highlights continuous improvement to the printing process, creating new colour options, and adding additional textures such as glitter or holographics.

The Conclusion


  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable


  • The effects can’t be achieved on every material.
  • The application requires attention to detail.

Cold foil printing has become an attractive alternative for people looking for cost-effective printing projects that incorporate a greater metallic finish. It’s important to work with a trusted printing company that can help you with your specific design while keeping cost and quality requirements at the heart of the project.

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