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We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both Packaging Solutions. World class a broad packaging industry adding brilliance to your life with our foils.

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At Aifoils®, we are dedicated to advancing the art and science of packaging materials. Our core expertise lies in a comprehensive array of stamping foil technologies, including Cold stamping foil, Hot stamping foil, Digital foil, Toner foil, and Glitter film, among others. Our solutions are crafted to meet the diverse needs of our clientele, encompassing a broad spectrum of packaging applications.

Our heritage of over 15 years in the field of stamping foils is built upon a foundation of excellence and a deep-seated knowledge of both market demands and production methodologies. This extensive experience enables our team to meticulously design, construct, and refine cold foil system solutions that are both innovative and efficient, ensuring that our clients’ packaging stands out in the market.

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Supreme Quality

It is commonly used in the packaging and labeling industry to create vibrant and eye-catching designs.

Fast Delivery

We have dozens of professional production facilities to ensure that the goods are completed on schedule.

OEM Service

With our research team and supporting property rights, we can provide a high-quality customized service.

Friendly Team

We have a professional sales team with more than 10 years of experience, and quality engineers, ready to serve you

Our Foil Categories

Hot stamping foil

Widely used on a variety of materials including paper, plastic, fabric, wood, leather, glass, metal products, etc.

Cold stamping foil

Ability to transfer details and intricate patterns with precision, maintaining a sense of fine and premium quality.

Digital stamping foil

Capable of delivering very fine pattern detail, and maintaining a high level of image quality and consistency.

UV varnish foil

Enough to enhance the three-dimensional effect, making the stamping more eye-catching, with good gloss and texture.

Toner reactive foil

With a laser printer, you can operate athome or in the office, perfect for DlYprojects and small-scale production.

Full transfer foil

It can completely transfer its decorative effect to the target surface, and can also perform printing, UV, lamination.

Holographic foil

The unique visual effect of multi-dimensional colors increases attractiveness and recognition.

Special Foil

Foils for special requirements such as brushed foils, Matt pigment foils, Transparent Foils, Security foils, etc.

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Professional team and stamping foil will create your dream.

Foil can be enhanced with various surface treatments, so it’s essential to choose the right treatment to meet project needs. There are many different surface treatments available, such as specific hot-stamping treatments that can add subtle effects to items like cards, product packaging, and posters. Highlighted stamping foil surface treatments, such as holographic, fluorescent, and brushed effects, can create even more impact.

Tailor-made Stamping foil packaging solutions for your products

Aifoils boasts a highly skilled sales team dedicated to serving the global marketplace. To meet the diverse requirements of various industries, our team of expert technical engineers customizes technical parameters based on extensive production experience, thereby enhancing the application performance significantly.

Furthermore, Aifoils offers detailed technical specifications to facilitate faster integration of our products into customer applications. We are confident that the professional services we deliver will greatly surpass the intrinsic value of our products.

Hot Stamping Paper

Hot Stamping Plastic

Hot Stamping Textile

Hot Stamping Leather

Hot Stamping Wood

Hot Stamping Glass

Hot Stamping Metal

Hot Stamping Crafts

Automotive interior

Foil Control Panel

Hot Stamping Cards

Stamping Others

Support from our professionals!

Aifoils has a professional sales team to serve the global market. For the needs of different industries, our team of technical engineers will adjust the technical parameters according to our production experience to make the performance of the application more outstanding.

Aifoils can provide the relevant technical parameters for a quicker adaptation of our products. We believe that the professional service we provide will far exceed the value of the product itself.

Read the news from the world of Foils and Packaging

Read the news from the world of Foils and Packaging

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these common queries about custom stamping foil packaging. Contact us for further assistance!

yes, we will provide samples for you. Samples for testing will be provided for free

The freight for sample delivery is at receiver’s side

Our production ability is one week one 20feet container. we will check according to your quantity .

In case of any quality problem happens, you must be equivalently compensated .

we will reply your email with 12hours . if any quality issue, we will give you 8D analysis report after getting the sample .

We will make analysis from raw material, production process, human labor and change to each defects and make action plan for each issue.