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Our company has years of experience

Aifoils® Experts in Packaging Material: specializing in Cold stamping, Hot stamping foil, Digital foil, holographic foil ,Toner reactive foil, Glitter film etc. solutions. With over 15 years of best practice in stamping foils.

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Professional team

We have a professional sales team and product engineers.

Qualified workers

All employees are subject to training and expertise exams.


Our services

We Make everything you need, choose an Packaging Solutions

Hot Stamping Foil

It finds its applications in a wide range of industries, including packaging, labeling, printing, textiles, automotive, and furniture.

Cold Stamping Foil

Cold foil can be applied to a variety of substrates, including paper, cardboard, and plastic, and other design elements.

Pigment Foil

It is commonly used in the packaging and labeling industry to create vibrant and eye-catching designs.

Pearlescent Foil

We have dozens of professional production facilities to ensure that the goods are completed on schedule.

Holographic Foil

We have our own intellectual property rights, and we can provide high quality customized services according to customer requirements

Metallic Foil

We have a professional sales team with more than 10 years of experience, and quality engineers, ready to serve you

Our benefit

Professional team and Expertise foils will create your dream

Our specialists have an excellent understanding of our customers’​ markets and production processes when designing, building and fine-tuning our cold foil system solutions. A printing company operates in a highly competitive market in which the provision of added value is essential. Cold transfer technology is offering this added value and our system solutions are adding high quality, productivity as well as sustainability to cold transfer

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Our projects

We are proud of our work and would like to share our projects

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As for who is the author of this miracle, opinions differ: some call the well-known Guillaume de Beauplan, others - Andrea del Acqua, although it is quite possible that both worked on it.As for who is the author of this miracle, opinions differ: some call the well-known Guillaume de Beauplan, others - Andrea del Acqua, although.

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"Very happy yet again with the quality of foil and service from Alice at Wenzhou All-In. Thank you for your consistent professional service - you are a valued supplier for my business! Please let me know when the other shades I am after are due in and I will be back for them!"

Linda Spencer

United Kingdom

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"I’m so happy I found this supplier. Alice is so helpful and friendly , she is always willing to help and replies  to messages fast. After  I placed my order I received my package within 4-5 business days !  it even arrived faster than the time it usually takes for my US supplier to deliver. I have tested their foils on different kind of papers and labels , and they work great! This is my 3rd time ordering from them .thank you so much !!"

Isabella E

United States

Construction Photos

"I must mention about Alice Yan’s service. Just great!Did a quick test on Gold toner foil and it’s great too. Will be testing the remaining colours and types and updating this review.!"

Troveit Singapore


Construction Photos

"Extremely pleased with the quality of this toner foil. It foils flawlessly and the rolls were cut to my exact specification. Dispatch was prompt and shipping via FedEx was extremely fast with my order arriving in just a few days.!"

Gregory Tulson


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The third China International Consumer Goods Fair opened

This is the opening ceremony scene taken on April 10. On the same day, the third China International Consumer Goods Fair opened in Haikou, Hainan.

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Cold Foil Printing

Cold foil printing is a process that applies metallic foil to substrate without using heat. Cold foil printing is a unique printing....

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What's hot stamping foil ?

Hot stamping foil is a versatile and attractive way to add decoration or branding to products. It can be used to provide a unique look that ...

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