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"We are so lucky to be customers of Aifoils! We got a great packaging solution and now we are happy to tell you! Thank you and we wish you all the best in business! We are very lucky to be a customer of Aifoils!  Thank you guys!"

Melissa Carthy


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"I have been looking for a suitable supplier in China, and finally I came across Aifoils, which can provide a lot of help in the hot stamping foil &Cold stamping foil industry, I have been working with Aifoils, and I hope Aifoils can do better and better, thank you very much.!"

Jacob Jones


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"There are more kinds of products and a wide range of applications, which help me solve a big problem. I used to communicate with many suppliers, but now I just need to find Aifoils to help me solve any problem about foil,Hope your future development is better thank you!!"

Blanche Fields


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"I am an importer of products for the printing industry, Aifoils will not only help me with Foil related products, but also help me find more suppliers in China, thanks for your selfless service attitude, thank you Aifoils team!!"

Emily Blunt


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Creating compelling & valuable stamping foil.

Aifoils not only provides services related to foils products, but also foil stamping equipment and packaging printing services.

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